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Sadie (M'Lady Sadie)

Introducing Sadie (M'Lady Sadie)

Sadie (M'Lady Sadie) is a cheeky and enthuastic 4.5 year old girl.

Sadie can be reserved initially, but once she is comfortable she is affectionate and she does love her people. She loves playing with and cuddling up with her soft/squeaky toys and her filled Kong toy is another favourite.

She is exceptionally bright and food motivated and keeps her bed clean, she will benefit from ongoing obedience training and enrichment toys/games to keep her brain active. She can be excitable in the home and while out and about walking (she does settle well and can be distracted)

Sadie would prefer a home where there is someone home at least part of the day, who has a reasonably active lifestyle and is dog savvy. Any children in the family should be over 12 years old, as she is enthusiastic about life sometimes she forgets her size and little people can be just too exciting.

Sadie also has an allergy to beef and beef products. However she does well on all other sources of protein.

Sadie is currently in foster care in CHCH with children 13 years plus and another greyhound and has taken to retirement like a duck to water.

Sadie is NOT suitable to live in a home with cats.

If you would like to add Sadie to your family (or another of our wonderful Greyhounds please head to our adoption questionnaire and we will be in touch.

Kiwikiwi Hounds Adoption Trust is a registered charity #50070349

Once again a massive thanks to Craig from Furtography for taking the spectacular adoption pics of our greyhounds ❤