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We are currently only able to rehome within the South Island - sorry!


Applications from homes wanting a cat trainable greyhound will be acknowledged but we are currently unable to proceed further due to the extremely high demand. To put this in perspective, we have rehomed 2 cat trainable hounds out of our total of 25. When a suitable hound is available, we will then contact you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please note - not all our greyhounds make it to the website! Sometimes, a hound comes into the programme and they are a perfect match for an existing applicant.

So, if you can't see what you want - please still complete our Application Questionnaire - your hound might be waiting for you!

Lulu (Ulyssa Bale)

Introducing Lulu - Ulyssa Bale

Gorgeous Lulu (Ulyssa Bale) is a sweet little 4 year old girl, who's outgoing, confident and bags of fun to be around.

She is happy, social and engaging with other dogs and shows good manners in her interactions and enjoys their company.

Lulu has great lead manners, enjoys getting out and about and if she wasn't awesome enough, Lulu is trainable to live with a confident cat!!!

She would make a lovely companion for an existing dog of similar size and energy levels, but would be equally happy as an only child. Lulu loves her humans and is very affectionate and cuddly so may prefer of someone was home part of the day.

Currently in foster in Canterbury with cats, dogs, various farm stock and children ( whom she adores), Lulu has settled into pet life like a dream. Still with some finer points to learn, she will make a wonderful pet and give her forever family heaps of fun and laughs.

Should you wish to adopt Lulu, please fill out our adoption questionnaire and we will be in touch!

Ella (Unraced)

Introducing Ella - Unraced

Ella is a sweet wee girl, almost two years old who can be a bit anxious and unsure of new things. Once she has warmed up and gained confidence, she is happy, bouncy, puppy like and excited.

She is happy and excited to meet other dogs, is well mannered and can do very endearing wee spins in happiness. She has good lead manners and enjoys her walks. Ella is also trainable to live with a confident cat!!!!

Ella's favourite thing is people, she loves, LOVES her people and we think will become a wonderfully loyal pet. She is a young lady and will benefit from ongoing training, which will also help her gain confidence.

Ella is currently in foster in Christchurch with another greyhound to help teach her some more life skills and they have reported that Ella is lovely and clean in their home and is settling in well.

Should you wish to adopt Ella, please fill out our adoption questionnaire and we will be in touch!!!

Extra special thanks to Yi. Fang and Graham for taking the awesome adoption pics of our wee girl ❤