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We are currently only able to rehome within the South Island - sorry!


Applications from homes wanting a cat trainable greyhound will be acknowledged but we are currently unable to proceed further due to the extremely high demand. To put this in perspective, we have rehomed 2 cat trainable hounds out of our total of 25. When a suitable hound is available, we will then contact you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please note - not all our greyhounds make it to the website! Sometimes, a hound comes into the programme and they are a perfect match for an existing applicant.

So, if you can't see what you want - please still complete our Application Questionnaire - your hound might be waiting for you!

Samson (Thrilling Samson)

Introducing Samson (Thrilling Samson)

At just 4 years of age, he is incredibly sweet and very affectionate once he gets to know you (and that doesn’t generally take long).

He is a social lad, enjoys getting out and about for walks and has exceptional lead manners. Samson can be cautious meeting other dogs but after proper introductions and a thorough sniff he relaxes in their company and is more confident.

Samson is very playful and loves his toys - these can be somewhat unconventional like brushes, brooms and anything woollen, he is cheeky, bags of fun and will bring endless fun and laughs to his forever family.

Currently in foster with another greyhound and older children, Samson has shown he is incredibly kind and gentle in his approach with children and younger children he has met.

He would be quite happy as an only child but would also make a wonderful companion for an existing dog of similar size, energy levels, he is very respectful of his current greyhound foster sister.

Samson, is quite the foodie and enjoys treats, this will be advantageous should his forever family wish to extend his obedience training.

Unfortunately even though Samson is one of the coolest dogs we have met he is NOT cat trainable.

Should you wish to adopt Samson or another of our equally awesome greyhounds please fill out the adoption questionnaire and we will be in touch!

Thanks once again to Craig from Furtography for taking these awesome adoption pics ❤

Flo (SavingLots)

Everyone meet Flo (Saving Lots). we think Flo quite fancies herself as supermodel and has just the right amounts of sass, class and exceptional beauty to be in the ‘not getting out of bed for under 10k club’

Flo is coming up 7 years old but don’t let that put you off, because it sure doesn’t her. Flo is one of a kind, an absolute sweetheart, super friendly, super affectionate and has great manners. She absolutely loves to please her people and is vibrant and intelligent. Very intelligent in fact, and is the very definition of ‘Boss Lady’

She has loads of confidence, energy, loads of love to give, loves playtime (soft teddies are her thing) which she chases and chucks around with great glee another thing when it’s time to wind down Flo gives fantastic cuddles.

She knows what she likes for sure, she has great manners in the kennels and is social with the other greyhounds. She is polite and friendly when meeting other dogs and once she realizes they are dogs, is happy to trot alongside them and is easily distractible. She has good lead manners which will continue to improve, she loves getting out and about and her tail literally does not stop wagging.

Flo also LOVES kids! BUT as awesome as she is, she is NOT suitable for a home with cats!

Flo is in excellent health but due to her age (and please don’t tell her we said that) her adoption fee will be reduced to $190.

She is about to enter foster care and we look forward to sharing her journey with you all.

Should you wish to adopt Flo (or another of our beautiful Greyhounds) please fill out the adoption questionnaire